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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

In the business world, productivity inhibitors such as a high employee turnover, poor team performance and low engagement are often associated with a lack of self-awareness and professionalism.

At Rispetto Consulting™, we help our clients focus on how to work, leveraging the principles of Business Etiquette.  These principles lead to enhanced employee experience, elevated customer relations and efficiency in communications.

Many aspects of business contribute to building a positive brand and ensuring organizations maintain a welcoming and lasting culture.

Our expertise will help you achieve:

  • respectful behavior to make others feel at ease and avoid toxic work environments;
  • timely and productive meetings;
  • effective internal and external communications and proper use of social media;
  • service-oriented mindset and governance.

Rispetto’s services include consulting, coaching, and training to provide solutions for improving individual and team performance.